The Orchard (Wicken), Mr Rains, 30 Stretham Road, Wicken,Cambs

Phone: 01353 722690
The Orchard operates a no spray policy on all its fruit

Fruits grown by this grower:

Apple Beauty of Bath
Apple Blenheim Orange
Apple Bramley
Apple Charles Ross
Apple Cox Orange Pippin
Apple Dr Harvey
Apple Egremont Russet
Apple Grenadier
Apple James Grieve
Apple Lady Suddeley
Apple Laxton Fortune
Apple Lord Derby
Apple Lord Lambourne
Apple Newton Wonder
Apple Spartan
Apple Tydeman's Early
Apple Worcester Pearmain
Pear Conference
Pear Doyenne de Comice
Pear Williams
Plum Bells
Plum Czars
Plum Early River
Plum Greengage
Plum Parham
Plum Victoria

Sellers used by this grower:

The Orchard: Mr Rains, 30 Stretham Road, Wicken, Cambs, CB7 5XH

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