Sellers in order of postcode

: Aldreth Road Orchard  Aldreth Road Orchard, Aldreth Road, nr Haddenham, Cambs
: Ely Farmers' Market  Ely Farmers' Market, Market Square, Ely
: Franklins  Franklins, 220 High Street, Cottenham, Cambs
: Huntingdon Farmer's Market  Huntingdon Farmer's Market, Market Square, Huntingdon
: March Farmers' Market  March Farmers' Market, Market Place, March
: Mildenhall Farmers' Market  Mildenhall Farmers' Market, Mildenhall
: Mr E J Wallis  Mr E J Wallis, Heath Fruit Farm, Bluntisham Heath, Bluntisham,
: Mrs Grace Reid  Mrs Grace Reid, 1A Rectory Road, (main road from Earith), Bluntisham
: Oundle Farmers' Market  Oundle Farmers' Market, The Market Place, Oundle
: Ramsey Farmers' Market  Ramsey Farmers' Market, Great Whyte, Ramsey
: St Ives Farmers' Market  St Ives Farmers' Market, Sheep Market/Town Centre
: St Neots Farmers' Market  St Neots Farmers' Market, Market Square, St Neots
: Stamford Juice Company  Stamford Juice Company,
: Whittlesey Farmers' Market  Whittlesey Farmers' Market, Market Place, Whittlesey
: Wisbech Farmers' Market  Wisbech Farmers' Market, Market Place, Wisbech
CB1: Cambridge Market  Cambridge Market, Market Square, Cambridge
CB2: Harston Community Orchard  Harston Community Orchard, The Limes (next to recreation ground), Harston
CB2: Origin8  Origin8, St Andrews Street, Cambridge
CB2 4AD: Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop  Gog Magog Hills Farm Shop, Heath Farm, Shelford Bottom, Cambridge
CB23 5AX: Cambourne Community Orchard  Cambourne Community Orchard, School Lane, Great Cambourne, Cambs
CB3 7BD: Burwash Manor  Burwash Manor, New Road, Barton, Cambridge
CB4 5HG: M A Manning & Son Fruit Growers  M A Manning & Son Fruit Growers, 130 Station Road, Willingham, Cambridge
CB5 8HL: Cassels Cider  Cassels Cider, 37 Riverside, Cambridge
CB6 2HX: Scotts Farm Shop (Anglia)  Scotts Farm Shop (Anglia), Sutton Road, Witchford, Ely, Cambridgeshire
CB6 2NY: Watergull Orchards  Watergull Orchards, Watergull House, The America, Sutton-in-the-Isle, Ely
CB7 5XH: The Orchard  The Orchard, Mr Rains, 30 Stretham Road, Wicken, Cambs
PE13 4UB: Willock Farm Orchard  Willock Farm Orchard, Rummers Lane, Wisbech St Mary
PE14 9AF: WEA and KP Broad  WEA and KP Broad, Riverdale, Town Street, Upwell, Wisbech
PE28 3ET: Maureen's Farm Shop  Maureen's Farm Shop, The Lawn Orchard, St Ives Road, Somersham
SG8 0JS: Guilden Apples  Guilden Apples, 99 High Street, Guilden Morden, Royston
SG8 6ND: Cam Valley Orchards  Cam Valley Orchards, Mr Tim Elbourn, 25 Whitecroft Road, Meldreth, Royston, Herts

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