Fruits grown in the Cambridgeshire region as of 19/06/2024 14:45:50 are:

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Apple: Ashmeads Kernel harvested Oct-Nov, through to January
Apple: Ashton Brown Jersey Cider variety
Apple: Barnack Beauty 
Apple: Beautiful 
Apple: Beauty of Bath 
Apple: Belle 
Apple: Blenheim Orange 
Apple: Braeburn 
Apple: Bramley 
Apple: Cameo 
Apple: Charles Ross 
Apple: Cherry Cox 
Apple: Chivers Delight  Local Variety  
Apple: Cockett's Red 
Apple: Cottenham Seedling  Local Variety  
Apple: Cox 
Apple: Cox Ellison Orange 
Apple: Cox Orange Pippin well known apple type
Apple: Crispin 
Apple: Dabinette Cider variety
Apple: D'Estival 
Apple: Discovery 
Apple: Dr Harvey 
Apple: Early Victoria 
Apple: Early Windsor early variety, available from end of August
Apple: Egremont Russet 
Apple: Ellis Bitter Cider variety
Apple: Ellison's Orange 
Apple: Elstar 
Apple: Emneth Early 
Apple: Fiesta 
Apple: Gala 
Apple: Golden Delicious 
Apple: Golden Noble 
Apple: Green Harvey 
Apple: Greensleeves 
Apple: Grenadier 
Apple: Haggerstone Pippin  Local Variety  
Apple: Harry Masters Jersey Cider variety
Apple: Histon Favourite  Local Variety  
Apple: Howgate Wonder 
Apple: Huntingdon Codlin  Local Variety  
Apple: Ida Red 
Apple: James Grieve 
Apple: Jester 
Apple: Jolly Miller 
Apple: Jonagold 
Apple: Jupiter 
Apple: Katy 
Apple: Kidds Orange Red 
Apple: Kingston Black Cider variety
Apple: Lady Hollendale 
Apple: Lady Suddeley 
Apple: Lanes Prince Albert 
Apple: Laxton Fortune 
Apple: Laxton Superb 
Apple: Lord Burghley 
Apple: Lord Derby 
Apple: Lord Hinlip 
Apple: Lord Lambourne 
Apple: Lord Peckover 
Apple: Major Cider variety
Apple: Morley's Seedling 
Apple: Murfitt's Seedling 
Apple: New Rock Pippin 
Apple: Newton Wonder 
Apple: Orleans Reinette 
Apple: Pearl Cox 
Apple: Perfection  Local Variety  VERY rare local variety
Apple: Pixie 
Apple: Queen Cox  Local Variety  
Apple: Red Ellison 
Apple: Red Jonagold 
Apple: Red Pippin 
Apple: Red Victoria 
Apple: Red Windsor Mid September
Apple: Rosemary Russet 
Apple: Royal Gala 
Apple: Russet 
Apple: Slack-me-girdle Cider apple
Apple: Spartan 
Apple: St Everard 
Apple: Sunset 
Apple: Thoday's Quarrenden 
Apple: Tydeman Late Orange 
Apple: Tydeman's Early 
Apple: Wayside 
Apple: White Jersey Cider variety
Apple: Worcester Pearmain 
Apple: Yarlington Mill Cider variety
Apricot: Bergeron 
Apricot: Flavourcot 
Apricot: Petit Muscat 
Apricot: Tomcot 
Pear: Beth 
Pear: Beurre Hardy 
Pear: Blenheim Orange 
Pear: Concorde 
Pear: Conference 
Pear: Discovery 
Pear: Doyenne de Comice 
Pear: Dr Jules 
Pear: Golden Delicious 
Pear: Louise Bonne de Jersey 
Pear: Packham's Triumph 
Pear: Pitmaston Duchess 
Pear: Red Lamberth 
Pear: Russets 
Pear: Swan Eggs 
Pear: Williams 
Pear: Worcester 
Plum: Anna Sapath  Local Variety  
Plum: Ariel 
Plum: Autumn Gage 
Plum: Avalon 
Plum: Beauty 
Plum: Belle de Louvain 
Plum: Bells 
Plum: Black Diamond 
Plum: Bullace 
Plum: Burbane 
Plum: Burbank 
Plum: Burbank Giant Prune 
Plum: Burbanks Tangerine 
Plum: Cambridge Gage  Local Variety  
Plum: Coes Golden Drop 
Plum: Count Althams Gage 
Plum: Czars 
Plum: Damson Merryweather 
Plum: Damsons 
Plum: De Louvain 
Plum: Dennistons Superb 
Plum: Early River End July
Plum: Edwards 
Plum: Excalibur 
Plum: Flavour King 
plum: Golden Gage 
Plum: Greengage 
Plum: Groves late Victoria 
Plum: Herman mid-July
Plum: Heron 
Plum: Jefferson 
Plum: Jubilee  Local Variety  
Plum: Jubileum 
Plum: Kirks Blue 
Plum: Laxton Cropper 
Plum: Laxtons Bountiful 
Plum: Lord Nelson 
Plum: Mallard 
Plum : Mallard  Local Variety  none
Plum: Mann's Number One 
Plum: Marjorie 
Plum: Marjorie Seedling 
Plum: Marseedling 
Plum: Merryweather 
Plum: Merton Gem 
Plum: Meths 
Plum: Monarchs 
Plum: Monsieur Hatif 
Plum: Mulberry Black 
Plum: October Sun 
Plum: Old English Green Gage 
Plum : Opal 
Plum: Oullins Gage 
Plum: Parham 
Plum: Ponds Seedling 
Plum: President 
Plum: Purple gage  Local Variety  Early August
Plum: Purple Pershore 
Plum: Reeves Seedling 
Plum: Rienne Claude Bavay 
Plum: Sanctus Hubertus 
Plum: Seneca 
Plum: St Andrews Gage 
Plum: Swan 
Plum: Transparent Gage 
Plum: Utility 
Plum: Victoria 
Plum: Violetta 
Plum: Wallis Wonder Cultivated by Mr EJ Wallis himself!
Plum: Waterloo Damson 
Plum: Willingham Gage  Local Variety  
Plum: Wyedale 
Plum: Yakima 
Plum: Yellow Egg 
Plum: Yellow Pershore 

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