Brownsfield Farm, Clare Barker, Brownsfield Farm, Over

DOES NOT SELL DIRECTLY FROM ORCHARD, sells from Farmers Markets. Contact the Markets direct for details.

Fruits grown by this grower:

Apple Bramley
Apple Laxton Fortune
Apple Laxton Superb
Apple Tydeman's Early
Apple Worcester Pearmain
Pear Conference
Pear Doyenne de Comice
Pear Packham's Triumph
Plum Burbane
Plum Marjorie Seedling
Plum Victoria

Sellers used by this grower:

Cambridge Market: Market Square, Cambridge, CB1
Ely Farmers' Market: Market Square, Ely,
Huntingdon Farmer's Market: Market Square, Huntingdon,
Ramsey Farmers' Market: Great Whyte, Ramsey,
St Ives Farmers' Market: Sheep Market/Town Centre,
Mildenhall Farmers' Market: Mildenhall,

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