M A Manning & Son, 130 Station Road, Willingham, Cambridge

Commercial fruit growers established 1920.

Fruits grown by this grower:

Apple Braeburn
Apple Bramley
Apple Cox
Apricot Bergeron
Apricot Flavourcot
Apricot Petit Muscat
Apricot Tomcot
Pear Conference
Pear Doyenne de Comice
Pear Dr Jules
Plum Beauty
Plum Belle de Louvain
Plum Burbank
Plum Burbank Giant Prune
Plum Burbanks Tangerine
Plum Cambridge Gage  Local Variety
Plum Czars
Plum Early River
Plum Edwards
Plum Excalibur
Plum Flavour King
Plum Herman
Plum Heron
Plum Jubileum
Plum Laxtons Bountiful
Plum Mann's Number One
Plum Marjorie Seedling
Plum Meths
Plum Monarchs
Plum Monsieur Hatif
Plum October Sun
Plum Old English Green Gage
Plum Opal
Plum President
Plum Purple gage  Local Variety
Plum Purple Pershore
Plum Reeves Seedling
Plum Sanctus Hubertus
Plum Seneca
Plum St Andrews Gage
Plum Swan
Plum Utility
Plum Victoria
Plum Violetta
Plum Willingham Gage  Local Variety
Plum Wyedale
Plum Yakima
Plum Yellow Egg

Sellers used by this grower:

Watergull Orchards: Watergull House, The America, Sutton-in-the-Isle, Ely, CB6 2NY
M A Manning & Son Fruit Growers: 130 Station Road, Willingham, Cambridge, CB4 5HG

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